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MensagemAssunto: TOKIO HOTEL FANS SPREAD THE WORD!   Seg 29 Nov 2010, 07:48

Quem se der ao trabalho de traduzir, agradeço, mas desde já digo assim ao de cima.
A iniciativa consiste em por no TOP do itunes a música "Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei", ou seja, tens de a comprar por apenas 0,99€. Foi escolhida esta música (primeiro, optaram por a "Durch Den Monsun" mas seria a 1,29€) porque foi usada na primeira tour dos Tokio Hotel na abertura dos concertos, é também é uma das músicas que não se inclui no album "Best of", pretende demonstrar que os fãs continuam a ser fieis às raízes deixando de lado a moda e a realidade, e além disso ninguém espera de todo que uma música que foi lançada à 5 anos podesse entrar no TOP do itunes. So... Do not you believe that he is worth while investing these 99 cents? What a Face

2010 already spends the last sheets of the calendar and to finish it, we have thought to do an action without precedents in the history of Monsunity. Humanoid City Tour left too many empty chairs to his step along Europe and the sales did not answer everything for what one was waiting. From this Social Network of Fans we want to throw a project of which you are the principals and that can have a few very important consequences.

Of what does it consist?

We have proposed to do a gift to Tokio Hotel and it is not different that to put to the band in the iTunes TOP with the song “Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei” of his first work “Schrei“.

How can I collaborate?

Of many ways.

The first one of them, buying the song in iTunes. You will have to bring in on the page of iTunes (he writes “apple itunes” in Google), the program unburdens itself and to register. A time inside, he writes in the searcher “Tokio Hotel Jung” and you the song will appear “Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei”. The price is 99 cents.

The previous point is the basic collaboration, but it is not enough. So much if you buy the song as if not, you have to help us to spread this message. We are going to try to expand this idea as fastest as possible so that he does not remain a Fan who does not have steadfastness of this project. Publish it in your Facebook, Twitter, blog, web, in the forum of which you should be enter or the message send via SMS to your most nearly friends.

Monsunity takes members as many countries, not only in Spain, and the idea is that from every country we try to extend this message, be already in Italy, Portugal, France, Poland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia … etc; the idea is global independently of your fatherland.

Why the song “Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei“ and not other one?

In the beginning we think about „Durch Den Monsun“ but his price is 1,29 €, therefore we decide to take „Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei“ who contains very much importantly and it was the song used in the first Tour of the group to open the concerts putting the arenas mouth below.

On the other hand, to choose a topic of the first album that is not included in “Best Of” is a way of keeping the extract of the group alive and of demonstrated to them that we keep on being faithful to the roots leaving aside the actuality or the fashions.

Also, nobody hopes that a topic that was published five years ago could enter the iTunes TOP what if we obtain it finally, the surprise that the group is going to take is going to be considerable.

Have you gone crazy?

By no means. Two years ago, when we him begin turning to the creation of an exclusive Social Network for Fans of Tokiyo Hotel labeled us as madmen frequently. Also the same happened when we proposed begin MonsunityShop. What earlier was looking like a madness, today is a reality.

The Fans of Tokio Hotel we are done of a special wood and if we have led them to obtaining in the air most of awards for which they have been nominated in Internet: why are not we going to obtain anything similar on proper initiative? Can you think for a moment the faces that there can have left Gustav, Georg, Tom and Bill if it comes to his ears that have entered the iTunes TOP with the topic “Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei”?

We are going to dream all together and are going to leave the skin to ourselves for obtaining this madness. He thinks about the great thing that Tokio HOtel they have brought to you. Do not you believe that he is worth while investing these 99 cents?



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